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How to Select a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent, real estate broker or realtor is an individual who acts as a representative of buyers or sellers of real estate. An agent can work alone, but most often an agent will work under a licensed brokerage to represent prospective clients. In the industry there are two types of agents; a general/family agent and a limited/specialty agent. A general agent represents any and all people who come to them for real estate related matters, while a specialist agent represents a specific clientele such as investors, families, developers and mortgage bankers. It should be noted that many times, a real estate agent will not sell or buy a home, but rather perform other tasks including managing negotiations and escrow.

There are some specific qualities that all good real estate agents at have, most realtors want to build long-term relationships with their clients, they want to develop close and long-lasting bonds with their clients and possess strong negotiating skills. Most agents also are adept at their profession and thoroughly enjoy real estate transactions. The majority of agents have a strong interest in education and learning about the industry they are involved in. Many also seek knowledge and expertise from within the industry and outside it as well. They must be highly organized individuals who possess superb oral and written communication skills, as well as a strong work ethic.

The term "real estate agents" encompasses a wide spectrum of individuals and can be extremely varied. The term "brokers" is more often used to describe realtors and is generally a synonym for brokers. The term "interrogators" is often used to describe realtors as well. These various terms reflect the vast differences between brokers and realtors.

In the United States, there are currently not many federal laws governing real estate agents and brokerages. This lack of regulation has led to a situation where many agents are unlicensed and unscrupulous. Unlicensed brokers and real estate agents operate without following any federal, state or local regulations. Brokers have no fiduciary responsibilities to their clients, are not held to any specific statute and cannot represent one person in the same instance that they represent another. Consequently, even though most states do have some form of licensing laws, they do not have strict guidelines and many real estate agents are unlicensed or even misrepresent themselves. Visit this website at for more info about real estate.

Although it is the job of a real estate agent to find and close sales, their main focus is to negotiate with sellers and obtain a fair and equitable contract for both the buyer and seller. As a real estate agent, it is your responsibility to clearly communicate the asking price of your home, along with any incentives the seller is offering. You will also need to clearly explain to the seller why you are the agent and why they should select you as their agent to close the sale. Incentives such as inspections, free upgrades, and/or additional inspections can be extremely persuasive in getting a seller to select you as their Realtor.

It is important for the buyer to interview prospective real estate agents and brokers before deciding to hire one. In your interview, ask questions about the real estate agents background and education. You may also want to interview potential real estate brokers and agents in other neighborhoods to see how they are received by fellow buyers. Find out what type of referrals the real estate agents receive. You should also inquire about any and all certifications they hold. These are all important factors in determining which real estate agent is right for you and your particular needs. Be sure to read more now!

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